Scope & Purpose

It is with great enthusiasm we invite you to the 2014 conference of ”The Future of Primary Health Care in Europe V”, to be held in Barcelona, Spain, September 1-2, 2012.
The conference will be organized to the EFPC tradition (small scale, interactive and interdisciplinary), bringing together practitioners, administrators, policy makers, politicians and researchers within the field of primary health care and public health. Conference themes will focus on issues related with Innovation, Sustainability, Equity, Critical thinking and Uncertainty.
Our partner in Barcelona is the CRES institute at the University Pompeu Fabra.

The World is changing and so are health services. Urbanization and globalization have its’ impact on what is needed from health care providers and subsequently how health care is organized. More and more cities and other local authorities become increasingly important for the health of their citizens. Important pressures are the integration of Community Care and Primary Care or in other words the connection between Public Health and care for the individual. The difficulty for local authorities is to adapt their care system to the increased needs of the individuals living within their neighborhoods. These needs have not only increased in volume but also in complexity. An adequate monitoring system for these local authorities, providing insight of the needs in terms of prevention and health  promotion, reactive care including emergencies, continuity of care, dealing with chronically ill mainly in the context of home care is crucial and creating equitable financing which take into account the differences between affluent and other parts within the city are needed. Local governments need information, assistance and capacity building on how to achieve practical solutions for these major challenges which lay ahead and will become more visible in the coming decades. The Community Oriented & Integrated Primary Care approach is a model that fits very well to tackle most of the challenges. Moreover, addressing health problems requires an intersectoral approach at the local level, integrating health and welfare sectors with housing, work, education, infrastructure…

The biannual conference of the European Primary Care Forum in 2014 will explore a number of critical themes for primary care. Its aim is to enable participants to identify, define and appreciate the significance of questions - ranging from policy to organization, management and clinical care - which are likely to determine the future of primary care in Europe. The Forum is looking to support contributions which address, in particular, issues of equitable access, cost-effectiveness, service delivery, clinical quality and the maintenance of continuity of care. Both urban and rural settings are relevant, with their differing but equally important modern pressures.

Conference sub-themes:

• Interregional collaboration
• Population Health, Public Health and Primary Care
• Population Health and Communicable Diseases and Minorities
• (electronic) data collection and needs based population health
• Mobilization of local communities for health
• Safe Primary Care provision
• Electronic Health Record systems
• Interprofessional collaboration
• Interprofessional education
• Intersectoral collaboration
• Integration of Primary Care and Social Care
• Primary Care and Population Health for European Cities
• Primary Care and Care for Roma communities
• Primary Care and new technologies
• PC in rural versus urban areas: Tele-consultations & smart cities
• The impact of globalisation on local communities
• Primary Care and the economic crisis

EFPC’s 2014 conference in Barcelona wants to create closer connections between local authorities and Primary Care providers and analyze the different models and numerous options for improvement. We want to share knowledge and experiences to improve our daily work. Come and be part of the twinning exercises.