Call for Abstracts



"Vulnerability and Compassion: The role of Primary in Europe"  How to overcome the austerity period? Crete,  23/25 September 2018

(Deadline extended to May 15, 2018)


Presentation Guidelines


The University of Crete, Clinic of Social and Family Medicine (CSFM) and Technological Educational Institute of Crete (TEI)

The conference scientific committee invites submissions of abstracts (in English language only) for presentations related to the scope and purpose of the conference. Submissions should follow one of the following formats:

Type 1 Research abstracts: These presentations will provide the results, completed or in advanced in-progress form, of original research projects. The material should not have been published elsewhere, except in preliminary form, and it should be ready for publication as a journal article. Papers related to Ph.D. projects, either completed or in progress, are especially encouraged. The selected abstracts will be discussed within workshops that are moderated by key-experts in the specific theme.

Type 2 Policy Debate abstracts: These abstracts describe significant developments in policy (whether governmental, organizational or any other) that affects primary care associated with the themes of the conference. In particularly national, regional or local policymakers are invited to provide new policy developments. These abstracts will be presented as posters with clear statements for debate. All selected posters will be publically presented/defended in specific parallel sessions with a 15 minutes time-slot for each poster. These sessions are located at innovative settings, such as “debate corners”, animated by an expert facilitator.

Type 3 Practice Multi-media abstracts: Projects and developments focusing on practice-oriented questions and reporting on recent experiences and innovations in primary care. These presentations should present case descriptions of primary care on the national, regional or local level and are presented as such, without oral explanation. The selected multi-media presentations (video’s, slide-shows, small photo exhibitions, etc.) will be prominently presented with non-stop shows during the conference.

Deadline for submission: Monday 14 May 2018

Submission procedure

The material should be structured according to the format below, approximately 250 words in length and accompanied by the author’s preference for the type of presentation: oral paper, poster or multi-media presentation. 

Abstracts for Type 1 research presentations should be structured as follows:
•    Purpose
•    Theory
•    Methods
•    Findings
•    Discussion

Abstracts for Type 2 project or policy poster presentations should be structured as follows:
•    Purpose
•    Context
•    State of the art
•    Statements for debate

Abstracts for Type 3 multi-media presentations should be structured as follows:
•    Purpose
•    Context
•    State of the art
•    Mode of presentation (video, non-stop slide-show, photo exhibition, etc)

All submissions will be reviewed by the conference scientific committee and you will be e-mailed notification of the results of your submission by June 1st, 2018.
Abstracts will be published in the programme book prior to the conference.