EFPC Member Column

The column is to promote the work of our members and exchange more ideas and is positioned between an article and a blog: starting from an interesting and scientific base, so that it is taken seriously, but not as official and bound by formats and other criteria as for an official scientific article. Here are some guidelines:

One column per month, this way it is clear to everyone when a new column is due and when a new column will be published (for example, on the first Wednesday of the month). A possibility for extension is to offer different countries the opportunity in different months. This way we 'fly across Europe': January is for Russia, February we go to Spain. This will also highlight the differences and contradictories between the countries.

First the author should write about the Primary Care system in their country, with a focus on integration and financing structures, especially for the bottlenecks therein.
In addition the authors could write about their vision on the future of Primary Care in their country and at the European level. What remains to be gained?
And finally the author could write about interesting recent anecdotes in Primary Care, especially when politics are involved.

A column is something to read quickly and easily, and it should be a kind of teaser to trigger the reader to find out more about the content of the column. Therefore, it should be around 500 words and definitely not longer than 800 words.

Where to publish
It should attract people and also have a subsequent value for EFPC members. Therefore a short version (introduction) will be published in the newsflash and at the EFPC homepage with links to the full column at the EFPC website.

To 'fly across Europe' different people from different countries should be involved to take turns in writing the column. We selected you as the first potential authors of the column. Would you be interested in writing a column in the coming months?