The European Network of Medical Residents in Public Health (EuroNet MRPH)  has become and Associated Member of the EFPC. EuroNet MRPH  constitutes a network of European National associations of Public Health training programs, including medical and non-medical residents. It is a non-profit, international, independent and non-governmental association.

Based on the meaningful critical mass of players who were present in EFPC 2017 Porto Conference and as a results of the joint work of You&EFPC and other organizational partners, experts and the present delegates it was developed the Porto Charter on Public Participation in Health and Primary Care a material and symbolic expression of the social commitment discussed and settled within the Conference.

With 30 years’ academic experience and a background in nursing and health visiting, my role as Professor of Community Nursing and Public Health at Kent University is to develop new areas of multi-disciplinary research to extend the scope of Centre for Health Services Studies (CHSS)  from health policy to implementation and application in community and public health settings. Working with local, national and international collaborators, the work spans the Kent Academic Primary Care Unit (KAPCU) and other CHSS research groups. Through my work in Australia and with the European Forum For Primary Care I am also developing the international perspective on community and public health.