The European Health Summit (Euro-Summit) is held today and tomorrow in Brussels, Belgium, and is a high-level, participative and networking event for UK, European, and other international health leaders.

The title of this year summit is: "what is the future for primary care in Europe?" with four plenary contributions of EFPC members from Belgium, Romania and Spain including a presentation of our chairman Prof Jan De Maeseneer.

The EFPC contributed as an Associated partner in the EUROMAP project, EU funded and coordinated by NIVEL, which resulted in the latest Observatory publication: Home Care across Europe Current structure and future challenges

Prof Jan De Maeseneer has sent an apllication for membership in the multisectoral panel of independent experts to work on the improvement of health care systems in Europe. The panel will support the reflection process recently initiated by Member States – at the request of the Council. Demographic changes, costly innovation, and rising patients' expectations put constant pressure on the financial sustainability of European health systems.

Balancing The Primary And Secondary Care Provision For More Integration and Better Health Outcomes


Istanbul 9/10 September 2013; Galatasaray University