In September the EFPC organized a Multi-Country Study-Visit for a group of Primary Care experts from Shanghai, China together with its' associated member PRIMAFAMED in Ghent. The group made visits to Primary Care innovations in Ghent, Belgium and Den Bosch, The Netherlands; check out the complete programme!

Everywhere in Europe the EFPC is able to organize  Multi Country Study Visits; check the folder for more information to make yourself familiar with Danish or Slovenian Primary Care developments. But also our Catalan and Latvian members are very much willing to host you and your colleagues!
Interested? Please contact the EFPC secretariat to receive a custome-made proposal.

In September we met in Gothenburg. We enjoyed it very much to be with most of you at the Museum for World Culture and sharing ideas and experiences about Primary Care in Europe and beyond.

Almost all information has been gathered now at the EFPC website regarding the conference so please have a look if your presentation is mentioned. If not, please send us a message!

And please provide us with your feedback via the evaluation form so we can improve our organisation for the next events,

Diederik Aarendonk, EFPC coordinator

Dear EFPC members,

Herewith the agenda for our first General Assembly which will take place at the 4th of September from 13.30 till 14.15 in the Auditorium of the World Cultural Museum in Gothenburg. The appendixes will be send to you in due time.

We hope to see many of you at the meeting.

Best wishes on behalf of the EFPC Board and secretariat,

Diederik Aarendonk

Primary Care in Norway Latest EFPC member column on Norway and its health reform aiming at better coordination of the health care services, both between primary and secondary care, and within each level of care. EFPC member columns are to promote the work of our members and exchange more ideas and are positioned between an article and a blog: starting from an interesting and scientific base, so that it is taken seriously, but not as official and bound by formats and other criteria as for an official scientific article.