Conference programme EFPC 2013 Istanbul: the results!

Balancing the Primary Care and Secondary Care provision for more integration and better health outcomes!

Galatasaray University, Istanbul; 9 - 10 September 2013

Read the full conference summary on building bridges written by Jan De Maeseneer, Mehmet Akman and Diederik Aarendonk.

International Journal of Integrated Care Vol 13, EFPC Istanbul Conference Supplement 2013

With all abstracts related to the integration of primary care & secondary care including the key-note abstracts, planned workshops and research & policy abstracts.

Presentations now available including some video recordings:

Day one, morning sessions

Plenary: 2 key-notes, the scientific & policy perspective

Policy debate sessions

  • Patient Management
  1. Guido Fontana, Italy
  2. Emrah Kirimli, Turkey
  • Mental Health & Patient Management
  1. Lisa Hill, United Kingdom
  2. Lisa Hill, United Kingdom
  • Organisational Models
  1. Ilhami Unluoglu, Turkey
  2. Petra Bywood, Australia
  • Monitoring Systems
  1. Tiago Pinto, Portugal
  2. Auke Vlonk, The Netherlands

Parallel workshops round 1

  1. Petra Bywood, Australia
  2. Pinar Topsever, Turkey
  • Mental Health
  1. Zupančič Vesna, Slovenia
  2. Lena Vannieuwenborgh, Belgium
  3. Carl Wikberg, Sweden
  • Diabetes care models
  1. Grillo Ruggieri, Italy
  2. Sonia Garcia-Perez, Spain
  3. Tessa van Loenen, The Netherlands

Day one, afternoon sessions

2 Key-notes, the scientific & policy perspective

Policy debate sessions

  1. Dilan Cetin, Turkey
  2. Pinar Topsever, Turkey
  • Diagnostic Strategies
  1. Aigars Miezitis, Latvia
  2. Tanju Yilmazer, Turkey
  • Integration of Public Health & Primary Care
  1. Zeynep Or, France
  2. Antje Erler, Germany

4 Parallel workshops round 2:

Day two, morning sessions

2 key-notes, the practice perspective

Policy debate sessions

  • Home Care
  1. Ulrike Junius-Walker, Germany
  2. Serap Sifcili, Turkey
  • Mental Health
  1. Pierce Finegan, Ireland
  2. Ian Walton, United Kingdom
  • Accessibility vs. Quality
  1. Lynn Ryssaert, Belgium

Parallel workshops round 3 

  1. Pemra Unalan, Turkey
  2. Irina Stirbu-Wagner, The Netherlands
  3. Jamie Murdoch, United Kingdom
  • Organisational models ll
  1. Harry Brice, United Kingdom
  2. Aysegul Yıldırım Kaptanoğlu, Turkey
  • Care pathways in depression and sleeping problems
  1. Dominique Hange, Sweden
  2. Niro Siriwardena, United Kingdom
  3. Eva-Lisa Petersson, Sweden

Parallel workshops round 4

  • Pre-Conception care (EFPC Working Group; Arzu Uzuner (Marmara University) and Denhard de Smit)
  • Primary Care and Public Health
  1. Olimpia-Maria Varva, Romania
  2. Nils Bo de Vos Andersen, Denmark
  3. Emdad Haque, Canada
  • Organisational models lll
  1. Peter Groenewegen, The Netherlands
  2. Anders Anell, Sweden
  • Organisational models lV
  1. Erika Zelko, Slovenia
  2. Katryn Hoffmann, Austria

Alliance for Community Oriented Primary Care services with the European launch of the International Federation of Community Health Centres together with Canadian, US and Australian colleagues.