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WHO Europe
WHO Europe is the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe.
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One of the key documents published by WHO Europe is the paper: What are the advantages and disadvantages of restructuring a health care system to be more focused on primary care services? (2004)

EFAD - European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians

EPIC - European Platform for Investing in Children
The European Platform for Investing in Children (EPIC) wants to provide information about all policies that can help children and their families face up to the unprecedented challenges that exist in the current economic climate in Europe.

European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies
The European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies supports and promotes evidence-based health policy-making through comprehensive and rigorous analysis of the dynamics of health care systems in Europe


EURACT - European Academy of Teachers in General Practice
EURACT is the educational wing and network organisation of Wonca Europe. EURACT aims to promote learning and teaching in General Practice/Family Care. It gives structured support to organisations and individuals at all levels of learning.


EquiP - European Association for Quality in General Practice/Family Medicin
The aim of EQuiP is to contribute to the achievement of high levels of quality of care for patients in family/general practice in all European countries. EquiP is a network cooperation within Wonca Region Europe.


European Union of Social Pharmacies
Today, European social pharmacies are at different stages of development, mainly due to the legal impediments which still exist in some countries, where corporatist ideas often dictate how the system run.


Care Services Improvement Partnership (CSIP)
The Care Services Improvement Partnership supports positive changes in services and in the wellbeing of vulnerable people with health and social care needs. Our website tells you more about our work, how we are organised and how to get in touch.


The National Primary Care Research and Development Centre
The National Primary Care Research and Development Centre is a multi-disciplinary,  academically independent centre, established by the Department of Health in 1995 to undertake a programme of policy related research in primary care. We are a collaboration between the universities of Manchester and York with our main base at The University of Manchester.


The Society for Academic Primary Care (SAPC)  
A UK based Society that aims to promote excellence in research, education and policy development in general practice and primary health care.


GTZ-ILO-WHO-Consortium on Social Health Protection in Developing Countries
In November 2004 GTZ, ILO and WHO signed a joint letter of agreement on cooperation in the field of social protection in health, sustainable health financing systems and efficient contracting.


Nivel is the Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research. They started as the scientific institute of the Dutch College of General Practitioners. There domain expanded gradually to primary care, secondary and hospital care. Nowadays, their research covers the broad domain of health services. An important basis for this expertise is their responsibility for national databases and information systems.
NIVEL employs about 200 people of which 100 are researchers. It is a foundation with a turnover of 11,4 million Euros (2006). Approximately one third of this sum consists of government subsidies from the Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sport. The bulk of the research is financed by project subsidies.
In 2006, they received once again the full ISO-9001 accreditation.


ICN - International Council of Nurses
The International Council of Nurses is a federation of national nurses� associations.The ICN's Mission is to represent nursing worldwide, advancing the profession and influencing health policy.


University of Virginia - Health System
The centre provides excellence and innovation in the care of patients, the training of health professionals and the creation and sharing of health knowledge.


International Centre on Nurse Migration
The International Centre on Nurse Migration will occupy a key role in establishing dynamic, effective global and national migration policy and practice that facilitate safe patient care and positive practice environments for nurse migrants.


WHO � World Health Organisation
The World Health Organization is the United Nations specialized agency for health. WHO's objective, as set out in its Constitution, is the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health.


WHO International Clinical Trials Registry Platform
The mission of the WHO Registry Platform is to ensure that a complete view of research is accessible to all those involved in health care decision making. This will improve research transparency and will ultimately strengthen the validity and value of the scientific evidence base.


African Journal of Primary Health Care & Family Medicine

The Primary Care Policy Center
The Primary Care Policy Center was established in October 1996 with funding from the federal Bureau of Primary Health Care. The goals of the center are to conduct policy-relevant research that will provide insight into the effects of public and private health care policy on primary care for medically underserved individuals; expand knowledge on the most effective and cost-effective methods for CHCs to deliver primary care to vulnerable populations; and increase our understanding of the effects of alternative financing and organizational arrangements on primary care delivery for populations served by CHCs. To meet these goals, the center will conduct policy analyses; develop and test primary care assessment tools; and design and implement quality of care, case-mix, outcome, and cost effectiveness studies.


Health Policy Monitor van de Bertelsmann Stiftung
About the project:
The International Network Health Policy & Reform was initiated and set up in 2002. It currently brings together health policy experts from 20 industrialized countries. In 2005, selected countries from Central Europe, all EU-member states, have also joined the network.


Dutch knowledgecentre for longterm care


Drug Dangers
Drug Dangers is committed to providing information on a range of medications and medical devices that have serious complications

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