Ljubljana, 2008, "Quality of Primary Health Care, the perspective of patients"


28/29 March 2008: Ljubljana, "Quality of Primary Health Care, the perspective of patients"

On the 28/29th of March 2008, the conference on "Quality of Primary Health Care, the perspective of patients" took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The conference was organised by the Forum and two partners: the Faculty of Medicine of Ljubljana University and WONCA Europe.

The conference gave the opportunity to a large range of patient organisations to raise attention for their views of how good quality Primary Care should be shaped. The conference was attended by .. participants from 20 different European countries. It was organised at the premises of the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (ZZZS). The local organisers were very pleased to show this influential institute that they are able to provide them with a patient view that gives a firm basis for health care policy development. And so what do patients want?

Key words presented at different sessions were: accessibility, continuity and comprehensiveness.
A fine summary of what the conference wants to address can be found in the following quote of one parallel session:
As a social organisation first and foremost Primary Health Care should be assessed for its quality; not simply by statistical measures of economic utility but rather through data derived from the patient perspective, in the overall context and pursuit of integrated and community based health systems.