One Woman Show "Weirdo" by Ayşegül Cengiz Akman




One Woman Show "Weirdo" by Ayşegül Cengiz Akman at the #EFPC2019 Nanterre pre-conference

Sunday 29 September, 18.45-20.00 - Registration page

Our heroine escapes from an asylum. Hastily seeking for a place to hide, she finds herself in the middle of a theatre stage. She powerfully captures the stage and scenery with her presence. This play promises the audience a dynamic, unorthodox performance that goes beyond the ordinary. The subsistence struggle of the woman with her demons, herself and the stage reflects all the existential efforts in life. The audience will experience the weirdness of sharing the same environment with this woman, trail the borders of insanity and have fun like a child.This project is brought into performance by cooperating with veteran actor and clown Amédée Bricolo.

The Play will be in Turkish with English surtitles