Lunch EFPC Webinar: Jan De Maeseneer & Per Kallestrup “Family Medicine and Primary Care at the Crossroads of Societal Change” (Tuesday 17 October, 2017 @12.30p.m. Amsterdam time)

WHEN:   17 October, 2017 at 12.30 p.m.  (Netherlands time)

In this occasion Jan De Maeseneer (Head of Department Family Medicine and Primary Health Care at Ghent University and EFPC Chairman)  and Per Kallestrup (Associate professor at Department of Public Health in Aarhus University) will engage into a conversation of exchanging work and experiences.


In a first part of the webinar Per will interview Jan about his recently publish book: Family Medicine and Primary Care – At the crossroads of societal change”, by Professor Jan De Maeseneer. In this book he used a "mixed" approach: personal stories are intertwined with policy activities and scientific analysis. In addition each of the chapter ends with a reflection by an "outsider" – people such as Iona Heath, Martin McKee, Akye Essuman, Michael Marmot.

On a second half roles will change and Jan will interview Per about the work that he is taking into action in Rwanda (Africa) with  PRIMAFAMED an institutional network gathering family physicians, health professionals, academics and researchers with an aim to develop and improve Family Medicine training  and strengthen Primary Health Care in Africa in addition to his work at Aarhus University

An interested debate between 2 great professionals that you can't miss!

17 October, 2017 at 12.30 p.m.  (Netherlands time)


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