Webinar Austrian Primary Care (21 February 2017 @ 12.30 CET)

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Austrian Primary Care Webinar by Kathryn Hoffmann (EFPC Adv Board member) & Franz Piribauer

Reforms within Austrian primary care system try to changed its classical delivery approach where predominantly you could find GPs working as single-handed practitioners on a FFS-payment scheme towards a more multi-professional and interdisciplinary cooperation.

Another aim of the reform is to increase access to primary healthcare by ensuring longer opening hours, particularly during evenings and weekends. This is thought to reduce the burden on outpatient and emergency care units at hospitals whose capacity is at its limits. Further, the concept aims to improve working conditions for GPs for instance by allowing more flexible time arrangements.

However up to day, many details related to implementation of the new concepts are still open and strongly debated, such as legal issues and contractual arrangements between primary healthcare units and social insurances. More than 10 primary healthcare pilot projects are already being planned or have already started. However the goal of covering one percent of the population by newly established primary healthcare centers and networks remains challenging. In this webinar you will hear about the actual situation and the future directions of primary care within Austria


About Franz Piribauer

Health Policy advisor, Public Health Specialist and registered General Practitioner, born in Austria (Dr.med. univ. at Graz University 1983).

 Holds a postgraduate MPH from the Harvard School of Public Health since 1993. As leading project manager he was involved in extended public programmes. Among those were the new staffing and organisation of the University Teaching hospital in Vienna, AKH, and the introduction of Quality-Management in Austrian hospitals. 

Reorganised the public health department of the Styrian state, one of the provinces (Länder) of Austria. Established a new unit of Evidence Based Health care at the Austrian Central Association of sick-funds. Since 2004 owner of PiCo - business consultancy, registered in Vienna, Austria.