Webinar: The Future of Primary Care in the US: Health Centers and Beyond (20 June,2017 @12.30p.m. Amsterdam time)


Although the United States has an expensive, technologically advanced and sub-specialized healthcare system, it has worse population health outcomes than any other high-income country. Rising healthcare costs, the increasing trends toward chronic, non-communicable diseases, high rates of waste, and the growth of new market entrants that compete with primary care services all catalyze the demand for primary care transformation.

During this webinar, Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care researchers, Erin Sullivan, PhD and Jessica Alpert will discuss the future of primary care in the US, especially in the context of a shifting political landscape. They will propose that the future ought to be guided by key design principles to reform payment structure, foster relationships, utilize effective care teams and deliver whole person care.  They will then present examples from primary care practices and systems chronicled in the Center’s Primary Care Systems Case Collection to support these principles.  


20 June, 2017 at 12.30 p.m.  (C.E.T, Amsterdam time)

Free Registration! Send us your interes at info@euprimarycare.org