Webinar Public Participation in Health Care: Bringing Civil Society In . 25 April @ 12h (CET, Amsterdam time)



25 april 2017 @ 12h (CET, Amsterdam time )
Key-notes: André Biscaia, Tiago Vieira Pinto, Sofia Crisóstomo, Margarida Santos




Health, as a fundamental human right and a complex phenomenon, is a responsibility of each and every one and not only of the health sector. In fact, the themes of citizen participation and citizenship have assumed great relevance in public policy in most countries of the world. The 2017 EFPC Annual Conference is an effort to accomplish this aim, by discussing some current experiencies of citizens’ participation in health systems and promoting new strategies for the future.

Furthermore, in this webinar we will analyze more in depth the initiative called MORE PARTICIPATION, better health, a portuguese research action project that resulted from a partnership between 13 patient organisations, one consumer organisation and one research centre. The project aims at promoting participation of patient and public representatives in health decision-making at the political and institucional level in Portugal.

survey was conducted to characterize the views, attitudes and experiences of patients, citizens and their representatives (e.g., associations) regarding participation in health decision-making at the political level. A "Charter for public participation in health" was also developed and discussed with politicians, healthcare professionals and the general public. The Charter has been signed by more than 80 NGOs and 30 individuals - former Ministers of Health, current and former Members of the Parliament and renown researchers and health care professionals.

In the webinar, the trajectory of the project will be presented as well as evidence on citizen participation in Portugal and existing barriers and challenges.

More will follow at the #EFPC2017 Porto conference. Deadline call for abstracts: 1 May!