Webinar: Understanding demand in Primary Care practices … how to deal with workload pressures!

EFPC webinar 2016 No1: On Wednesday 20 January 2016 at 8pm CET (7pm GMT), Harry Longman, Chief Executive at GP Access and EFPC Advisory Board member will be presenting on “Understanding demand in Primary Care practices … how to deal with workload pressures!” – the key to better service and lower stress.
Interested to attend this webinar and EFPC member?! Send a message to the EFPC secretariat and we will send you the login details after the first week of January 2016.

Wherever we turn, the workload pressures on GPs are top of the agenda, and patient demand is the relentless driver. Yet most GPs operate on the basis of supply, failing to think about and understand demand.
We’ll talk about turning this round, as demand is astonishingly predictable. Organising to meet it then becomes entirely manageable. We introduce the MEPRA model: Measure, Predict, Respond, Adjust. Now here’s the secret: 2/3 of your patient demand can be dealt with remotely. One GP said to us last month, “Thank you for giving me my life back”.
Learning Outcomes
1. Understanding demand puts you in control
2. You discover that routine/urgent is a misleading dichotomy
3. Responding to demand as it happens not only improves service, but saves time
4. Dealing remotely with many patients works for them as well as you
5. Saving time takes out stress