Webinar. What is it like to be a patient? How to measure and improve what happens in your primary care system. (21 March @ 12.30 P.M CET)

In this EFPC Webinar, Harry Longman will introduce us to the question:

What are patients looking for whenever they go to consultation?. The answer will take to the next step. Which measures should be considered or we should bear in mind in order to improve primary care systems.

Real case studies will drive this interactive webinar, where you will be able to follow this process from the beginning to the end. Harry will show measures from actual practices, where the collected data is used to induce performance improvements, do you want to see which are the results?

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Registration: info@euprimarycare.org



About Harry Longman (Advisory board EFPC):


An engineer by training, Harry founded GP Access in 2011 after discovering some GPs who had invented a new system of telephone led access. His research showed benefits for GP staff, patients and the NHS. The company vision is to transform access to medical care, through the development and dissemination of improved methods.

His earlier career was in engineering (Rolls-Royce aero engines), consulting and NHS management in Leicestershire.With interests in research, analysis and systems thinking, he is fascinated by how things work and could work better, now applying digital means to the same ends. A favourite subject is operational measurement, which leads to understanding demand in primary care, how to improve flow and therefore to give better service to patients with greater efficiency for providers.