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“Family Medicine and Primary Care – At the crossroads of societal change”, by Professor Jan De Maeseneer

Modern family medicine faces a rapidly changing world. New challenges require a new vision for the future, guiding present-day practice, but also preparing tomorrow’s physicians, functioning in primary care teams. Family Medicine and Primary Care at the crossroads of societal change fulfils that need. Through concrete testimonies and cases, the book draws an accurate image of contemporary family medicine and primary care and provides answers to modern-day physicians’ and health care professionals’ most pressing questions. 

-Complete overview of relevant questions and challenges in family medicine. 
-Written by the preeminent expert in family medicine and primary care in Europe. 
-Theory underpinned by practical cases and visionary reflections.

Jan De Maeseneer about the book:

I used a "mixed" approach: personal stories are intertwined with policy activities and scientific analysis.

Each chapter starts with a "patient story", taken from the practice in the Community Health Centre. Then the different chapters explore the importance of social determinants of health; the need for a paradigm shift from problem-oriented to goal-oriented care; a reflection on why making a diagnosis in family medicine and primary care is such a complex task; a critical analysis of the social accountability of pharmaceutical industry; how to put the principals of quality care into practice; the training of (family) physicians; the organisation of primary health care, and it's relationship with other levels of care; payment systems for primary care; and the global developments of family medicine worldwide.

Each of the chapters ends with a reflection by an "outsider" – people such as Iona Heath, Martin McKee, Akye Essuman, Michael Marmot.



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The Book

"Family Medicine and Primary Care at the Crossroads of Societal Changes"
Jan De Maeseneer

ISBN 9789401444460

LannooCampus Publishers,
Erasme Ruelensvest, 179 (box 101), B-3001 Leuven - Belgium

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