1st You&EFPC conference

On Saturday afternoon 23 September 2017 the first international You&EFPC conference will take place in Porto.

Palacette of Viscounts of Balsemão (Praça de Carlos Alberto 71) 

This special program for young Primary Care professionals will focus on enhancing the collaboration between the different professional groups active in Primary Care, a way of social marketing of the speciality of each individual, a professional group and Primary Care in general and a contribution of young Primary Care professionals for a charter on citizen participation in Primary Care. All with the help and guidance of reknown EFPC experts like Cagri Kalaca, Diederik Aarendonk, Andre Biscaia, Jan De Maeseneer and others!

  • Interactive introduction to each other and a short presentation of the You&EFPC
  • Professionals: roles and challenges within primary care
  • Presentation of the results of the Porto Charter research and an interactive debate or workshop


In the evening starting from 21.00h a special programme with film in the famous Rivoli theatre Rua do Bonjardim 143! Cinema and Narrative Health debate session featured by some clips from the movie "20th Century Women” (2016, Mike Mills).

Fee 100 euro which includes the Saturday conference but also the EFPC pre-conference (24/9) and main conference (25-26/9) (so four days conference for only 100 euro!)

For registration, please send us a message to info@euprimarycare.org. Please be quick as the total number of places for the Saturday conference is only 50 of which 15 are already reserved.