Presentations Session Round 3

Day1 (15.45-17.15)

  • AMR and Primary care: What can we do to stop the development of highly resistant bugs.Workshop by the “Network of Primary Health Care to EMA- EFPC Working Group” (Pieter van den Homberg, John Paget, Jamie Wilkinson & Walter Marrocco)

  • Jamie Wilkinson : The Community Pharmacy Contribution to Tacking AMR

  • EFPC IpE WG "Inter-professional education/training for Primary Care professionals" (Robin Miller)


Research abstracts workshop 5:

161 Wong
167 Ferreira/Raposo : Use's voice in Portuguese primary care. Does geographical data brings new insights?
1107 Bruijnzeels : Population Health Management Strategies based on the Human’s Voice in Primary Care
1122 Haaland Kramer Citizen's Survey of the 'new retirees' in a mid-size norwegian municipality
1144 Vyncke : Using available data in the electronic patient file (EPF) to assess a community’s health needs

Research abstracts workshop 6:

124 Wittenberg : Taking informal caregiver's views on roles and responsabilities into account
174 Huang : Combination of Informal Care and Professional Home Care
16 Balshina : Listen to people with dementia about Portuguese primary care services
1105 Hardeman
244 Wittenberg : Informal Care in Changing Context: Improving Collaboration

Research abstracts workshop 7:

155 Alves : Matrix of competencies of health professionals to work in primary care - proposal elaborated from a bibliographical review
1113 Canini
1142 Fehn
1148 Braga Da Paula :“More Doctors” Program Policy cycle analysis: Brazil Cuba cooperation and health workforce management in primary care.
175 Martino