Presentations Session Round 7

Day 2 (14.14-15.45)



Research abstracts workshop 9:
1130 Neves da Silva
2127 Marchand
166 O'Donnell : Research informing policy? A systematic scoping review of after hours primary medical care
193 Foster
1108 Longman


Research abstracts workshop 10:
119,Melo : Community Assessment, Intervention and Empowerment Model A constructivist based study
120,Melo : Community Empowerment Assessment in a School Community of the North Region of Portugal
179 Martino
1143 Vyncke  Using available data in the electronic patient file (EPF) to assess a community’s health needs
1145 Colombani Citizens participation,prevention and empowerment around nutrition
Research abstracts workshop 11:
199 Santos :Primary Health Care coverage in Brazil, according with Pesquisa Nacional de Saúde, 2013. A Portrait of the Estratégia de Saúde da Família and inequalities
18 Gomes: Application of the Calgary Family Assessment Model Primary Health
1134 Medina : More Doctors Program: Mapping an analysis of academic production