Inter-professional education/training for Primary Care professionals

As a result of several meetings and discussions [1], the Jan van Es Institute [2] observes a need to formulate a clear vision on contemporary and future education of professionals, to facilitate inter professional and multidisciplinary collaboration in primary health care. Professional education is fragmented, often out-dated, or there is a mismatch of competences to population and patient needs [3].

As knowledge is the fuel of development, it is important to exchange experiences and ideas about the education of new healthcare professionals. Towards developing the above mentioned vision, it is helpful to communicate within a network, not only on a national, but on a European of even global scale.

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  • EFPC debate poster and discussion on "Implementation of knowledge and Inter Professional Education for primary health care professionals and leaders, to facilitate inter professional and multidisciplinary collaboration in primary health care"; Pisa-It, Aug. 2010
  • Conference Educational perspectives for Integrated Primary Care; Leiden-NL, Sep. 2010
  • Seminar Inter Professional Education for Integrated Primary Care; Leiden-NL, Apr. 2011

One of the goals of the Jan van Es Institute, Netherlands Expert Centre Integrated Primary Care, is to encourage educational programmes at initial, higher and post-graduate education levels, for healthcare professionals, (clinical) leaders, tutors/trainers, researchers and policy makers, to support the integrated primary health care.

Health professionals for a new century: transforming education to strengthen health systems in an interdependent world; The Lancet, global independent commission, Dec. 2010

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